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Student Registration


Thank you for your interest in our program! We are so excited to work with you! This program will resume for the Fall 2024 semester (12 weeks) where we will offer free weekly academic tutoring and life skills coaching.


We require a $25 Registration Fee per semester. Our sessions are offered virtually, in person, or hybrid and meet one to two times a week for 90 minutes. Sponsorships are available to families in need. Please email or call 443-379-4648 for more information. 

Please select your availability:
How do you prefer to meet with your coach?
Inside Out Mentoring Program requests your permission to take photos and use them for legal purposes such as use for web content, social media content, grant applications, publicity and advertising. Please select whether or not you grant us permission to use any photos we take of your child:
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Thanks for registering. We can't wait to work with you!

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